Frank Armstrong Paving can resurface existing pavement if conditions allow. This generally involves cleaning the existing surface, apply a tack coat which bonds the new asphalt layer to the old surface.  We would level or fill any low area which is called “wedging” and cut or mill “butt” joints at paving limits to match surrounding… Read More

Tennis Courts


TENNIS & SPORT SURFACES – Construction, Resurfacing or Maintenance We offer a variety of sport surfacing services. With thousands of satisfied customers, we are a leader in the sport surfacing business, as we set the standards that others try to follow. Our team of highly-trained technicians and use of state-of-art materials, gets it right the… Read More

Residential Driveways


NEW DRIVEWAY CONSTRUCTION – complete layout and design – culvert installation – excavation & new stone base installation – pave in a variety of asphalt mix designs REPLACE OLD DRIVEWAY – remove old broken – cracked driveway – salvage base materials, add additional stone – install new layer of asphalt to replace original REPAIR EXISTING… Read More